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Note: Quick help is mainly for freshman. Because of the frequent updates of game, the latest announcements are always prevailing if there is inconsistency between Quick help and actual data.

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This function is currently only available at Cake Town.

The Factory is a place where players exchange cakes. It is designed by Bancor formula.

Trial Scheme of Bancor Exchange between CAKE and other token:


CW (connection weight) is set to 7.5%, initial mortgage is 7.5 ETH, and periodic mortgage is 67.5 ETH.

Initial supply is 150 million;

The lower limit of supply is 0. When the supply reaches the lower limit, it will not be able to be cashed out through Bancor, but can only be purchased.

The upper limit of supply is 250 million. When the supply reaches the upper limit, it will not be able to buy through Bancor, but can only be cashed out.

Note: To avoid a major impact to the game, only 100 million cakes will be provided as an additional supply (250 million to 150 million).

According to the above calculation, the initial ETH value of the cake in Bancor exchange is 0.000000666666666667.

The extra supply of 50 million CAKE will flow out from CardMaker's wind control pool.

Another 50 million CAKE will flow out from the operation pool.

The team will continue a one-way buy-in operation after Bancor opens until the ETH of the cycle mortgage is exhausted.

In order to avoid excessive arbitrage event, the one-way buy-in operation will be carried out irregularly within 360 days after the opening.

After the end of the cycle mortgage, the team will periodically convert 60% of the net ETH income of CardMaker project into pie through Bancor, and the rest will be used as operation construction. Details will be published in the announcement.

The cake purchased by the team through Bancor will flow into incentive pool of the team, releasing the cycle and promoting team.

Opening Hours:

The opening time of the first exchange is from 16:00 to 18:00 on April 11, Singapore time.

Follow-up trading opens at 14:00 to 16:00 from Monday to Friday, Singapore time.

Transaction Exchange Quota:


Fairness between volatility and user operation gives every player access. Current daily quota of purchase and sale of player through Bancor and are associated with alchemist level. The data are as follows

Note: This regulation will gradually open up as the market stabilizes.

The user's daily quota will be reset after 0:00.

Each cashing operation will deduct 10 CAKE as handling fee, which will be used to avoid meaningless and malicious operations. This part of the handling fee will be used as financial fee of the town.

Cakes bought and sold must be in whole numbers.

Note: Cake, as a functional token for in-game construction, do not have hype purpose. Because Cake through Bancor and ETH have a direct connection, the team will have limited controllability, and will focus on content construction, for the market fluctuations (such as exchanges) and other direct or indirect drastic impact of ETH to Cake, please consider carefully.

Note: Cake will be upgraded to cross-chain token.

Check the announcement for more details.

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