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Note: Quick help is mainly for freshman. Because of the frequent updates of game, the latest announcements are always prevailing if there is inconsistency between Quick help and actual data.

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This function is currently only available at Cake Town.

Trading Carriage is an entrance for material transformation between town and outside world.


Trading carriages appear periodically, purchasing or peddling goods from players in exchange for tokens(NEO, ETH, etc.).

The carriage requires an alchemist to reach a certain level to open the corresponding field. The data is as follows:


Carriage peddling


Player can obtain the main tokens by selling the goods to Carriage.

For example: it will ask for several options of 1-star designated role *1, designated attribute card x 1 and combined order *1. Player can sell the specified content and obtain the main tokens.

Player with Credit less than 0 will not be able to peddle but will have to buy it.

Carriage combination orders will be looking for a variety of cards and roles.


There will be a selling price bonus for the combined order, as follows:

2 + 20%
3 + 30%
4 + 40%
5 + 50%

After the combination order is filled with 1 item, sponsorship can be initiated to all players. After the order is delivered (filled), each item in the combination order will be calculated separately and * selling price bonus.


Token obtained by peddling goods can be found in mail bills.

Note: if the combination order is not filled before the carriage leaves, the filled part will not be settled and will not be returned.

Carriage purchasing


Props purchase need main tokens.

Token will also be displayed in User Center synchronously, and player can bind the corresponding wallet address to transfer.

Resources will be destroyed directly in addition to CAKE.

The contents and prices are constantly revised in response to market fluctuations.

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