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Note: Quick help is mainly for freshman. Because of the frequent updates of game, the latest announcements are always prevailing if there is inconsistency between Quick help and actual data.

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The card in the game is not only a weapon for battles but a prop for mining.


Battle Management


In library, the ON and OFF states on the right of the card can be switched over and automatically saved after closing.

The number of battle cards is 15-30.

Card Details


FP(Fight Power):
Comprehensive of card gaming ability.

MP(Mana Power):
Card sharing bonus ability.

AP Consumption:
It affect whether the card can be used in this round, usually the higher the AP consumption, the greater the effect of the card.

Target object of card, such as our side, enemy side, single, whole, front row, back row, etc.

Element Attributes:
Attributes can be restrained against each other. There are None, Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Shine, Dark,Ice, etc.

Card effects in battle including Damage, Heal, Shield, etc.

Sharing of Card CAKE

At everyday midnight, the CAKE income on the previous day is settled. The mechanism is as follows:

The daily CAKE output of card is constant according to the total amount of each element, which is 3333 cakes per element, shared by whole town.

The calculation formula is: the sum of a card's MP of this element of PlayerA / the sum of a card's MP of this element of whole town

Sharing will be check through the daily mail.

For example:

In CAKE town, the total MP of PlayerA's Shine Element role is 1000, and the total MP of the town's Shine Element role is 50000. Finally, PlayerA shares 1000 / 50000 * 3333 CAKE = 66.66

Ash Power bonus:


Initial Ash Power is 1000 which can be filled at the lower left corner.


Sharing will deduct certain Ash Power.

Each town will share 300 Ash Power per day based on each element, and 2 Ash Power for each player.

Ash Power cost of one player on that day = Card MP of this element of player on that day / total Card MP of this element of town on that day in integer* 300, and at least is 2.

The more CAKE you get, the more Ash Power you consume.

Impact of Ash Power on CAKE output:

0-0, 0% of CAKE production
1-2000, 100% of CAKE production
2001-MAX, 150% of CAKE production

When Ash Power is less than 0, the CAKE is obtained according to the percentage of the CAKE deduction and deducted.

Card resolving


According to resolving of MP, every 20 MP can be converted into 1 Ash in integer.

Card Selling


Set the selling price and click then wait for others to buy. When cards are put on the shelves, a 5% price tax will be deducted as the town construction income.

Cards have no time limits and can be removed from shelves at any time.

Card Purchase


In Market, select the conditions in the categoryand click buy.

Card Liking

Liking earns 2 CAKE for both sides and costs 10 Energy.

When liking reaches 50, the card will no longer generate income.

Card smelting


Card melting is the only way to break card FP upper limit.

Put two cards with FP(red mark) over 3000.

The melting results will be random between all attribute dimensions of the two cards (including AP, element, effect, target, image, etc.)

At present, only the effects that can be made can be melted. The effects that cannot be made will be eliminated.

Card FP after melting = card with high FP + card with low FP * growth rate

Growth rate is 10% ~ 15%

That is, FP of card will only increase.

The final effect value is calculated backwards after all attribute dimensions of the resulting card are determined.\n"

Card MP(blue mark) after melting = The sum of MP of two cards

Card melting needs resources:

Need CAKE = (MP of card 1 + MP of card 2) * 1

Need Mana = (MP of card 1 + MP of card 2) * 10

If card MP is over 4000, it needs 1 Golden Ticket

For each element card, you need 1 element mine, and the required amount = (MP of card 1 + MP of card 2) * 2

You get Ash:

Based on Mana of card melting results, 1 point ofAashes is gained for every 10 MP

Incentive Pool of Card Melting:


In each round, it has one Melting Target Card randomly.


When a player melts the same card (all attribute dimensions and effects except for the image), the player gets 50% of CAKE in the entire pool.

All players participating in this round will also receive 25% of pool equally according to melting times.

The remaining 25% will go to the next round of pool.

The rewards will go into their Bill after cooling down".

Each time the player makes or melts cards, it will flow into a portion of CAKE into the pool.

Then the next round begins and continues.

Seal Essence:

It only opens at 【Cake Town】

The more Essence, the bigger FP of card

After each melting is completed, the Essence will be returned to Bill after cooling down regardless of Critical.

(note: card melting is mainly used to increase the upper limit of card FP, while bonus pool is only used to encourage play)






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