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Magic Hub:


Magic hub is a resource exchanging tool across multiple towns to provide resources between different towns.


The price is automatically calculated according to trade relationship. The more resources required, the higher the cost.
With the opening of multiple towns and elements, more and more varieties of resources will be traded.

Currently, the trade exchange between Cake Town and Nature Town has been opened, as follows:
Fire <-> Shine
Water <-> Shine
Wind <-> Shine
Earth <-> Shine

The initial supply at both side is 10000(can be changed)
So, 10000-A(amount u what to get)=B
The whole supply is 10000* 10000= 100,000,000
100,000,000/B-10000= amount u need to pay

The resources of the town can only be exchanged, but not reversed. After the resources are exchanged, they will be deducted from the remaining of the town.


Each exchanging requires a certain amount of CAKE. Current fee is 25% , and the Lord can lock Essence to set 0~25%.

For example:

If the fee of CAKE town is 5%, and the setting of Fire Element Lord is 20%, then when Nature Town exchanges 100 Shine Elements for N Fire Elements, it needs to pay 100 * 25% = 25 CAKE to get N Fire Elements, among which 5 CAKE flow into the finance of CAKE Town and 20 CAKE flow into Fire Element Lord.

Same thing with the other elements.

All income from the fee will go into the bill in the mail.

The Lord can adjust the fee at any time.


For each 1% fee, 200 elemental essences are needed. For removing or changing, the last elemental essences will be returned to the bill, and cooling after 7 days.

Due to helping players to understand this gameplay and the fact that the Nature Town has not yet opened the Lord function, the fee during the fixed period is as follows:
Fee of Cake Town is 5% and that of Nature Town rates is 0%
The fee that the Lord can set is 0~5%
Namely, Nature Town needs to consume 0~5% CAKE in exchange for corresponding elements, and CAKE Town needs to consume 0% CAKE in exchange for Shine elements.
Subsequent updates will gradually reset.

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