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Q: About CardMaker team
A: We are a group of indie game developers that have by chance discovered that blockchain is an interesting area that can bring about unimaginable bottom-up changes in conventional game industry. We're going to break down the barriers of conventional game industry and the blockchain, and then bring CardMaker to Steam Platform. Try to put your crypto prejudices and burdens aside and come join us in our blockchain game journey! You are not only investing in a product or game but also creating a great game and a belief in CardMaker.

Q: Are you official project of NEO blockchain?
A: Yes. We are backed on NEO and are absolutely safe and believable. We won Best Game Award and Most Popular Award in NEO Blockchain Game Competition 2018.

Twitter post from NEO.Game:

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Q: Does it cost NEO to play in Nature Town?
A: Nature Town will be an all-free model (Staking). As the ecological project of NEO, we will set up a large number of NEO mining pools in the game and give them to NEO community users. Initially you can choose to mortgage a certain amount of Neos to exchange for some mines to get a higher rate of mining behavior. What's more, in addition to mining for NEO, the game itself is a very interesting indie game, like Hearth Stone and Slay the Spire, and will be different from all the collection games like CryptoKitties you've played before. Get NEO while playing.

Q: Can I play the game on mobile phone? Do you have ENG ver.?
A: The game itself is html5 which means you can play it on any devices. What you need to do first is to register on our site.

We do have English version and Nature Town is specifically developed for NEO and international users where you can mine or collect NEO token.

Q: What's your official website?

Q: When I click 'Play' on the site, it shows a Chinese one. What happened?
A: It is our first town Cake Town developed on Ethereum and is similar to the Nature Town. They are two independent towns in CardMaker with independent data, but they can trade with each other. Both sides can obtain what they need through trade, which is an interesting eco-model. NEO Nature Town is not online now but coming soon. For more info about Nature Town, please check our Twitter.

Q: I want to know more info about game like gameplay, roles, etc.
A: Please check it on Game Quick Help

We also made a game video

Q: NEO is indivisible unit. Why do decimals appear in the game?
A: Yes, Neo is settled as an integer. Generally, in the game, data mapping is used to correspond to the actual number of Neo in order to make the user experience smooth. In order to facilitate the calculation of smaller value or balance value in the game, there is a decimal part. Players can check the Neo of the balance in the ‘My’ in the user center, which can be used for subsequent trade and mining, and can be withdrawn when the integer is reached.







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