New voyage

Hi everyone, It’s time for the new voyage.

Unknowingly, Cardmaker has silently accompanied you through 769 days and nights.

In the whole process, there are excitement, loss, happiness and bitterness. Some people have gained fun in this world, and some have received wealth. Many stories, strategies and creative contents have been born here.

Looking back, after two tides in the crypto world, it has become bigger. From the cognitive, everyone is more ahead of the latecomers. It’s the key for the treasures of the next larger world.

NFT, DeFi and GameFi are just derivatives of the field. It’s the gemstones raised on the road. Now many teams are following our old path, what different is the market is bigger than before. With the progress of the crypto world, everyone will be closer to the treasure, and all we need to do is not leave our seats.

Cherish this journey. After this exploration, we have trialed, and a clearer goal. This is also the door to the future, and all we need to do is forge a strong key.

Before that, CM will enter in "Floating". All operations will be handed over to AI for data monitoring and unscheduled maintenance. All the transfer in and out channels will be closed soon. The data will be retained and continued, and CM will bridge the new experience of the crypto world with all its wisdom.

The trend of the crypto world is unstoppable, and we have already begun to interact with each other teams in the field. Project C-3 is on the way, it will be derived from CM, and all main forces have already migrated to the international field. The real era may start before 2023, and we just need to make these preparations.

Let's meet in the year of Crypto!

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