CardMaker NEO Nature Town announced its opening on 30th Aug. 19:00 UTC+8

First of all, please allow us to salute NEO public blockchain and all the players.

NEO Nature Town will be official launched on 30th Aug. 2019 19:00 UTC+8

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With every busy and expectant day, CardMaker never stops. Maybe you have left here and left us. However, as the developing team, we have become more and more clear about CardMaker's future and conducted many cooperation with conventional fields.

We'll be right here waiting for you any time.

This article will gradually list the major data differences between the two towns, so that new and old players can distinguish them.

As a player, you can experience it as an independent game, or as a financial game to fight for profits, just keep a relaxed and optimistic attitude to play the game, and free to decide.

We don't know if Nature Town will be the second "Cake Town", but it will be a town full of opportunities, with NEO/NNC and other natural mining pools as subsidies, and the finally will be awarded to players.

Common Resources:

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Info about resource amount.


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Workshops are the most popular "mining machines", from which you can get main tokens , cakes and other resources according to the daily income ratio.

The main differences between Nature Town and Cake Town are as follows:

In the Nature Town, "NEO fruit tree" and "NNC fruit tree" can be built to produce NEO and other main tokens.

Nature Town will inject 500 NEO and 200,000 NNC into the Workshop. Each day, 1% of the balance will be released as the basic output.

NEO and NNC are respectively regarded as "special workshop", which are different from other "common workshop".


Player A has 40 workshops, including 10 NEO, 10 NNC and 20 other workshops. According to the Table, it can be concluded that the NEO income ratio is 5% of the 10 fields, NNC is 5%, and the other workshops are 63%.

In addition, the construction cost of the same workshop in Cake Town and Nature Town is different.

【Important】In Nature Town, resolving workshops do not return resources. 100% experience is gained when building and upgrading.

All resources in Workshop are counted by shared output of all towns (but because the types of elements created by each town are different, Cake Town does not produce Shine Element, and Nature Town does not produce Fire, Water, Wind and Earth Elements).

For example:

Cake workshop total CAKE output is 100000, actual income ratio in Cake Town is 600000, and actual income ratio in Nature Town is 400000, PlayerA has Cake workshop actual income ratio in Nature Town is 20000, so the basic output 10 * 2 / (60 + 40) * = 2000

Similarly, the sum of PlayerA's (Cake workshop level-1) / the sum of all towns'(Cake workshop level-1) * the output of the day's level output

Additional output is subsidy, which will be calculated separately within the town.

Card Making:

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Nature town has limited card "Continuous Damage"
Cake town has limited card "Dispel"

No special card effects from other towns by melting.


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The CAKE revenue from cards will be calculated by output of all the towns.

For example:

Through Shine Element cards, in all the towns, everyday total output is 4000 CAKE, when settlement, PlayerA in Nature Town has total MP of Shine Element cards is 20000, PlayerB in Cake Town has total MP of Shine Element cards is 1000, total MP of all town of Shine Element cards is 400000, eventually:

PlayerA shares 20000/400000 * 4000 = 200;
PlayerB shares 1000/400000 * 4000 = 10.

【Important】In Nature Town, resolving cards do not return resources, but will have experience and Ash.


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The CAKE revenue from roles will be calculated by output of all the towns, which is the same as that of cards.

【Important】In Nature Town, resolving roles do not return resources, but will have experience and Ash.

Story Mod:

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In the same way that Nature Town can't get Fire, Water, Wind and Earth Elements, Cake Town can't get Shine Element.

Module exploration no longer has a bonus for the first clear.


In order to make it easy for new players to get familiar with the functions, Module Competition Season, Trade Carriage, Factory, Element Essence, role star experience, Element Lord, Workshop Voting, Self-made module and other functions will not be opened in the Nature town for the moment.

Magic hub will be able to trade resources across towns, for more details, plz check the upcoming update.


Town acceleration

Nature Town Cake Workshop additional subsidy:

A one-time injection of 500,000 CAKE from the operation pool as an additional subsidy, releasing 1% of the balance daily.

(Note: since Nature Town resolving does not return CAKE, it will flow 70% into additional pool, which is available for all to mine.)

Mana Workshop additional subsidy:

Period: 2019.08.30 ~ 16:00, 2019.09.12

A total fixed subsidy of 2 million output per day which will be allocated according to the number of magic workshops.

Card Synthesis Challenge:

By 16:00 on September 12th, 2019, the first player who creates the following card will receive NEO x 10!!

Card effect: 2AP, back-row enemy, single, Shine attribute, 15 continuous damage (no name or image).


NEO will be sent directly into game account after the update and can be extracted.

(Note: the maximum limit of card making is 4000 FP, which needs to be broken through melting)

The server statistics are the final.

Time zone: UTC+8

Salute NEO public blockchain and all the players again.


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