CardMaker NEO Nature Town Launches Staking Package

Opening time: 19:00 UTC+8 on August 26, 2019.

We will allow enough time for all participants to understand the rules and If you have any questions or concerns, dont hesitate to ask our GM.


(The actual data is subject to the date of the event)

Rules of Staking Package:

All users can use NEO (or NNC) to staking or buy the corresponding package in User Center.
Detaild of Staking:


Charge address:


(different users have their own address; click to copy and do not charge other token, otherwise it will not be returned)

There is an initial staking price and purchase price for all packages. As the selling number of packages increase, the price will increase at the same time by a certain percentage.

The content in packages will increase with the selling number (for example, the number of roles in Valkyrie's Bless will increase, but the resources such as CAKE will remain). Different packages will increase at different rates.

The initial cooling down time of package usually ranges from 180 to 365 days, and it will unlock automatically. Staking token can be returned that time and package belongs to the player, which will not be destroyed. Increasing Levels in game will speed up unlocking time to at most 200%.


Please check package in Ticket


User also can "Buy" package to unlock it and the staking token will be returned instantly.

The amount of token required in staking is higher than that of in purchase, which is about 2~5 times.

(note: according to annualized rate of return of actual amount, it shall be about 25 times and 50 times to purchase price).

In Nature Town, we will pre-inject 500 NEO and 200,000 NNC as the initial mining pools, and all operations of purchase will flow a certain number of NEO or NNC into the pool.


Details of Carriage and other mines will be announced later.

The first batch of mining pools are ready!
NEO block address:


(note: the mining pool in this address will be moved with the update of the version, but the amount will not change)

In addition, a mobile mining pool will be set up for this event. The countdown of the total prize pool will be reset back to 24 hours when staking/purchase happened.

At the end of each countdown, the amount in the prize pool will be allocated to participants according to the rules.

Rules of proportion of mining pool:

30% as development and promotion cost.

50% flow into game mining pool and player can mine through Workshop.

5% flow into final FOMO pool, which will give to the last person who staking/purchase package (only NEO).

10% flow into lucky prize, which will be shared equally by N users who finally staking/buy package (only NEO; N<10).

5% flow into introducers (if there are no introducers, it flows into development and promotion costs).

Only through purchase (non-staking) part, it will flow into pool (or click Buy during locking), staking will only accumulate countdown.

All packages exist in User Center forever. The total amount is limited but no time limits. You can participate at any time.

All roles in package will not be sold again as the limited ones of Nature Town.

The whole process above is simply summarized as:

Free game experience -> staking to get package (more and more expensive) -> mining bonus (additional prize) -> unlock -> get more NEO.

Of course, we are glad that you Buy to support us!


Q: Does it conflict with Warm-up event?
A: There is no conflict between Warm-up and Staking Package. The Warm-up will also take place in User Center at the same time.
Details of Warup event:

Q: Opening time?
A: Nature town will open at 19:00 UTC+8 on August 30, 2019.

Q: What are the main usage of package?
A: Cards and roles can be used in battles and mining. CAKE and other resources can be used to build Workshops to produce token such as NEO/NNC.

Q: Does the game need invitation code?
A: You can freely experience game, but you can only get all reward when you are activated or reached the certain level. Players who buy or staking package will be activated directly.








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