Interpretation of the Staking System in CardMaker Nature Town

Key words: Gift NEO; Staking Token; No damage to the principal; Free Game; Free Package; Free NEO mining pool; The more participants, the bigger the pool.
GIFT is the natural features of Natural Town!



“Staking Token; No damage to the principal; Free Package”:

First of all, Nature Town is an all-free experience mode, and you can obtain the gift package by mortgaging NEO. After a certain period of time, you can unlock the full NEO, and the package will not be destroyed or returned.

Free NEO mining pool:


Nature Town will prepare hundreds of NEO mining pool as one of the foundation of the game, and it depends on how much you can dig, in short, all is gift.

These are some of the natural features of CardMaker, except that some of the parameters will be adjusted, and the structure of the game will be similar to that of Cake Town. Thus, players with a deeper understanding of the game will have a first-mover advantage, which will be left to the benefit of our recognized players.

The following is our thinking part, also welcome you guys to discuss together:

1, So, how does the team make money to survive and continue development?

As you can see clearly in the whole process, we, as the developer, are not going to make any money later.

So, if you think of our game are more interesting than other crypto games or other conventional games, please buy the package directly in the process of staking so as to support us (staking amount will be immediately released, and we will only earn the part of direct purchase, all the rest will flow to pool for all players).

The handling costs of the game remains as a small amount of revenue while giving more power to the free market.

Maybe this would be a better model for crypto games. Players need free experiences and free identities.

2, Why does it, such a big "benefit", sounds a little "fake"?

We are not good at advertising, but we are learning it.

Logically, we have been exploring and thinking about what kind of crypto games and what kind of positive mode can conform to the preferences and acceptability of current users.

Too many people rushed into the blockchain because of financial effect, and most of the crypto games is still under the old concept of asset right to fool users, but sells props like conventional games, and then leave low-quality products.

In fact, this process would have been a mature logic in the conventional field, as a paid game, or crowdfunding (of course, some project parties' malicious behavior is not excluded). However, it was a bit odd in crypto industry.

First of all, the game must be fun, even if it is not fun enough at the beginning, we should make it fun. Developer should have the determination to do well in the game and assume the responsibility. It is hateful to use the banner of "Blockchain wealth" then make bad content and leave. We often see many players scold developers in the group. Besides the incomplete products, there are many finance trap or abandoned project. This is the first step in a lot of projects, or it's something that developers do intentionally.

Then we find that the financial effects of ICO, funds, gambling affect the landing of good project. It leads to a lot of interesting developers, the players are not willing to come into this industry, more directly leads to poor development of industry without a real popular crypto game.

Who was blamed for it? Nobody. Beacuse it's a circular problem, a human nature problem.

So, is there a way to let users experience an interesting crypto game without hurting the principal, and also experience the financial effect?

The combination with Staking gives us a glimpse of the possibility of changing paid games in the Internet era to free games in crypto era, which is proved feasible in traditional business. This locking cycle is the "losing cycle" in conventional games, which serves as a reasonable guarantee for developer to provide services.

So, eventually, in this state, you can get that principal back anyway. What's even more impressive is that the contents in package, props and cards will be given to you for free.

3, Whether it will bring a serious economy collapse?

In CardMaker, months of practical experience in economy system of Cake Town tells us that the environment of token is relatively stable, and there will be some defects, but we will timely correct the bad conditions and strive to do a good job.

4, Why staking? Isn't it a good idea to give them all?

Without this process, there will be no financial effect and no solution to the bots, so the game economy cannot be sustained. Staking may be the only free way to go.

5, Will the team run away because they get so much money?

We will provide players with choices. In order to balance the security of funds and the availability of games, we provide two ways: contract and charging. For security of large amount funds, we suggest smart contract;and for convenience of small amount funds, we suggest charging.

But what I really want to say is that, as a rare and stable game in crypto industry for half a year, we would like to see you enjoy the game, stay here, and witness we are getting better.

6, When will the Nature Town open?

Soon, our recent work is mainly about how to expose and warm up, and then is about to open Staking. Many friends from overseas are willing to trust us, which makes us very moved. We hope more people can pay attention to us more quickly, which is our goal.

7, Can NEO I charged be used later?

Absolutely. The event aims to arouse attention, prevent bots, and receive CAKE. The charged Neos can be withdrawn at the end of the event or used for subsequent Staking.

In conclusion,

Thanks to Wang Ding, the proposer of Staking and the founder of Higgses Network; Song Yang, founder of TonArts and explorer of Staking game. CardMaker will also begin its exploration of the free party as a practitioner.

We are trying to find a way to broaden the field and pave the way for crypto game developers.

Here, pay tribute to developers in the industry and players!








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